On its 94th anniversary, Real Valladolid celebrates its trajectory presenting a new brand identity. This evolution, reflecting a new era for the club, goes back to the origin to show the Real Valladolid of always, as never before.

Back to the origin

The premise that guided the change was respecting the essence and boosting the future. This look at the past with an eye toward the future gives rise to the new identity. The new shield is inspired in the one from 1928 and strengthens the key elements of the club: colors, flames and the crown.

“Blanquivioleta” passion

With this new configuration, the shield wins recognition, impact and presence of its main colors. A shield more “blanquivioleta” than ever before. A new shield that is the sum of its entire history.

Red and yellow remain present in order to represent the crown and the iconic flames with a simple but powerful design. The complexity of strokes, contours and ornaments evolve to more dynamic strokes while maintaining the same level of detail, which considerably improves their visibility. We simplify shapes and reduce the number of colors to keep the essence.

V of Valladolid

We actualize the acronyms that have been always inside the shield, by intertwining them. The “V” is inspire in the distinctive shape that the founding shield had; as well as serving as a starting point for the entire visual universe.

A Pucela typography

In order to place value on the quality and the historial printing tradition of the city, the “Pucela Font” has been created by Carlos de Miguel, a typographer from Valladolid. Because who better to talk about Real Valladolid than someone who lives in Valladolid?

From the study of printed materials and historical posters of the city, the “Pucela Font” redefines all that history and passion to talk about the club. Because the voice of the Pucela is unique, as is its typography.

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